A powerful communications medium!

Certainly, on our web site we promote the use of DVDs for training, advertising and marketing. However, there are numerous situations when online videos also make a great impact, whether they be in the public domain or on a company intranet. Here are some ideas ...

TeamWelcome Messages
A welcome message from the MD on your web site might be nice. "Meet the team" is another option. People like to put faces to names. Photos work well, but how about a few seconds of video, which can say so much more than a still image?

Video Testimonials
Many web sites include written testimonials from satisfied customers, but a video testimonial is much more plausible. Study

Training Videos
Yes, we can produce training DVDs, but perhaps there are some training videos you might like on your web site? Particularly useful on company intranets too. Not just "talking heads", but full blown training applications too. Check out an example here, which not only demonstrates a training application, but an application showing how to allocate permissions to different pages (ideal for training products) - Protecting Web Pages